Our state leadership has repeatedly put off finding solutions to emerging environmental challenges, choosing to pass on the consequences to the next generation.

When I arrived in Arizona in 1984 my first house had solar panels. I was proud and excited. I was in the Valley of the Sun, of course Arizona would be in the forefront of solar energy. Here it is, 2018, and the legislature still is beholden to the corporate power companies and a great opportunity to become a leader in renewable energy is being wasted. 

According to US Climate data, Arizona should and could be the Solar Capitol of the world.

Days of Sunshine:                                                                                                                      Phoenix: 296                                                                                                                      Tucson: 284                                                                                                                                    Flagstaff: 264                                                                                                                            Yuma: 313

Underlying all the challenges in our state is an even more dire crisis we are not openly talking about and that is Water. Shortage and drought threatens the very existence of our communities. If we don’t pay attention, guard, protect and plan, our states most precious resource will dwindle away. It is time to hold our legislatures accountable and demand they take action to protect our drinking water.

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